Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Jamie Kuiken

Artist Statement

I AM - the journey of finding + affirming our worth
“i am” is a series of designs that display the journey of
finding and affirming our worth. Specifically, when these
uncertainties take reign, they often lead us down a dark
path. In an effort to help others dismantle these doubtful
voices, “i am” displays the strength of looking to the truth
through a new lens.
The journey begins with acknowledging the dark side of our
thoughts and replacing them with the truth. The shifting of
our perspective is portrayed through the colored lenses.
Yet, the mental struggle to believe these affirmations is
represented through a muted collage that reveals itself
progressively through bright typography and color
combinations throughout the collection.
Each colored lens visualizes an affirmation from my
journey, whether it be a song lyric that stood out while in
the car, a phrase while listening to a podcast, or a letter
written by a loved one. The base of each piece encompasses
a specific phrase, written with hand-crafted typography,
that is sketched and manipulated digitally. A personalized
signature smiley face serves as a reminder that all feelings
are valid and deserve to be shared, even when they are
These affirmations are printed on everyday items like
T-shirts and stickers in hopes of encouraging others to
know their worth. With these reminders, we can rise up
stronger and say with confidence, “i am.”

I Am
Digital Print
24" x 36"