Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Morgan Doolittle

Artist Statement

This body of work explores the transformative relationship between the past four years of the artist's life and the occurrences of each year. Emotions of anxiety, joy, and contentment play a large part in this body of work as they create moods in each panel reflected through washes and marring of the surface. These occurrences with specific color saturation are portrayed as both organic and geometric shapes. Materials are used with the intention of emphasizing a sense of time and texture, representing that life is not clear-cut and even but a haphazard collection of moments and feelings. Each element in the artwork is intentional and relates to a significant marker of the year. For instance, the fiber in each work correlates to femininity and the thread of time. The geometric molecules are drawn in oil pastel which transition to organic shapes such as flowers relating to the transition the artist went through while changing life plans. These past four years have been messy - yet altogether beautiful and shaping.