Alumni Fall 2023 > Sierra Harris

Artist Statement
This work is an image of a child that will star in a children's book that explores mental health stigma. The negative effects of mental health stigma can isolate those experiencing symptoms of a disorder. It can also generate harmful stereotypes. Amelia is an insightful young girl who uses exploration as a way of processing and explaining what stigma is. The bright and natural colors of the piece brings a feeling of comfort, especially when on the topic of something hard. The hope is that this developing story can reach communities and teach them that no matter what experience a person might be going through, they deserve respect.

Artist Bio
Sierra Harris is an Olivet Nazarene University graduate who is a current student in the Counseling and Art Therapy program at Adler University. Born in Chicago IL, Harris grew up in a hostile school environment. Due to that turbulence, Harris focuses her work on the whimsical pleasantries of life and mental health. She finds that sharing both the hardships and beauty of life creates a deeper appreciation for it. Harris believes that exposing children to mental health issues early helps them cope with the complicated messy feelings they may have as they grow up.

8 x 10