Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Chloe Bogicevic

Artist Statement

There are 153 million orphans in the world.
Every portrait in this body of work shows the authentic face of an
orphan, each one representing 6 million orphans worldwide. Each one is in need of a family, a home, and adequate healthcare. America World Adoption, the agency through which my little brother was adopted, has sent me several images of current orphans in an undisclosed orphanage in China. These are the images I have drawn.
The portraits are drawn in colored pencil; this method of portraiture is a long, detailed, and at times a tedious process. This parallels to adoption. No matter how long it takes to draw these portraits or how long it takes to adopt a child, the end result is beautiful and well worth it. That is what this project is about: advocating for adoption. These children are just a few of 460,000 in China, let alone the rest of the world. As you look at these
faces, remember that each one is real. Each one deserves love.
Each one needs to be adopted.
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