Thesis Exhibitions (2023-2024) > Andi Ritter

Artist Statement
“Bits and Brushes” is a group of work intended to show how the world of creativity and the world of code are not mutually exclusive, but rather worlds that merge quite regularly to make something extravagant. The characters created considering this idea show how different components of software development interact and work together to create new things while utilizing artistic creativity and analysis to fully execute a design that is both logical and creative.
Developing software requires the knowledge of various coding languages as well as data collecting, possible platforms to utilize, virus and data corruption prevention, and how all those components relate to one another. Not only that, but software development requires a lot of creativity as well. Every coding program, language, etcetera, has its own syntax, its own behavior, and its own personality. When creating software, all these components are taken into consideration so that the programmer can execute a design that is both logical and pleasing to the eye.
Similarly, art requires critical thinking and analysis skills along with the artist’s creativity. In the context of making art, critical thinking involves the analysis of the artwork to support different ways of interpreting the art, questioning assumptions, and uncovering underlying stories. An artist’s analysis skills are used to carefully examine the artwork and document the different interpretations before hearing how others interpret the work and take multiple perspectives. By utilizing such skills, an artist can create works that are both thought-provoking and meaningful.
The convergence of creativity and code in projects like “Bits and Brushes” exemplifies the harmonious interplay between these seemingly disparate worlds. Software development, with its intricate languages and logical designs, mirrors the artistry of brush strokes and color palettes. Both endeavors demand critical thinking, analysis, and a dash of imagination. As we celebrate the fusion of art and code, we recognize that their synergy produces not only extravagant creations but also bridges the gap between logic and aesthetics, enriching our shared human experience.