Thesis Exhibitions (2022-2023) > Andrew Cantu

Artist Statement
This body of work shows my interest in the relationship between man-made objects and their physical interaction with nature. Sometimes the broken work of the past creates more intrigue than what was originally constructed. As art decays over time, it can have more meaning than the artist intended. By attempting to explore the idea of art never being complete, the ceramic work is depicted in continuous evolution as it ages. These objects consist of historical references that imagine how these pieces could have been altered while interacting with the surrounding environment.

Another idea that plays a vital role in each piece’s creation are the changes individuals make to suit their own preferences. Art is altered all the time in this very way, for better or worse. Whether that be an ancient marble sculpture being stripped of its paint from wear, or the sculpture being damaged through acts of war, art is constantly subject to change in daily life.

Through these ceramic wares I am exploring newfound life given to destroyed and altered works. All forms of art are given meaning of varying depth but the exploration of how these original concepts are reshaped by Human-Nature relationships provides a new interpretation for the existing work.

Buried Alive
14 ¼ x 10 ¾ x 7 inches