Alumni Fall 2023 > Joe Michalski

In the liminal realm between wakefulness and sleep, where the threads of consciousness intertwine with the surreal tapestry of dreams, lies a realm of boundless creativity known as hypnagogia. It is in this hallowed space that the imagination awakens, unfettered by the constraints of reality, giving birth to visions that dance across the canvas of the mind.

The Art
The work is mostly healing based and sprouted during my Dad's pancreatic cancer diagnosis and passing in August of 2021.
Today, I am certain that his spirit moves forward and is being expressed through my heart and hands onto the paper. He is in it.
Making art and sharing it with the world has made my life more meaningful and led me to an understanding of who I am. It gives me purpose. This is something I desire to share with others in hopes that it can be a catalyst for their own personal healing journeys.
To me, the meaning of life is to live a life of meaning. To discover the beauty of truth in all life experiences, good or bad. Knowing that certain challenges can be exactly what we need in order to get further along in our story. Author and psychologist David R. Hawkins writes:
"Hang on to your confusion. In the end, it's your best friend."

Ink & Watercolor
10 x 9
Feather Bed
Ink & Watercolor
11 x 9
Return to Breath
Ink & Watercolor
9 x 8