Thesis Exhibitions (2022-2023) > Micah Neeld

Artist Statement:
Thinking about the future can be scary with the amount of questions that come up that we don’t have the answers to. As I reflect on my life, I have seen many places where questions have formed that I didn’t have the answers to, which brought about fear and frustration. Sometimes we avoid questions because we are too afraid of what the answer will be. This body of work focuses on the idea of embracing questions that we don’t have the answers to and having faith that God holds all the answers.

The process of creating the work involves taking photographs and illustrating onto them. The photographs chosen range from city to nature, showing the chaos from the city, but also addressing the tranquility and promise in God’s creation. Bright vivid colors are used to make the illustrations pop off the black and white images, as well as bringing a welcoming aesthetic to a fearful topic.
Throughout pieces, line work is used to show God’s presence through large lines and anxiety shown through smaller abstract lines. In the images, lines are shown leading off somewhere, but not knowing as to where, just like how we as the viewer may not know the answers to our future. If we let God lead us through the unknown times, we will find the bright future that He has in store for us.

Am I Prepared?
Digital Illustration/Photography
18" x 24"