Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Jaryn Pellant

Artist Statement

Expressive and emotional, the linework in my illustrations and designs move throughout each piece to create a form or figure in an unconventional way. My artwork, illustrations, and designs are executed in a different style, offering a unique visual experience that may cause its viewers to have an unexpected, altered perspective. The scribbles, marks, or shapes that I create are intentional, formed in each individual design or piece in order to evoke a certain emotion or feeling. A portrait or specific human gesture has the ability to imitate a person's physical being and portray their character, while also capturing a certain time period or collection of feelings. The designs, drawings, and photographs that make up my body of work are made to look fluid and beautiful while also showing strength. The branding of this boutique is meant to represent the strength and beauty that women possess unitedly. The logos, webpage, branding, photographs of the models in the clothes, shop decorations and art, all portray this same mood and emotion. This body of work explores what it is like to be a woman in today's society and shows that you can be beautiful, sweet, elegant, and poised while also being independent, sassy, strong, and professional. The branding and designs of this boutique portray this message through the color scheme, style of the clothes, the graphic advertising on the webpage, and through the photographs of the clothes themselves. All of the clothes and different forms of art that market the clothing will all encourage strength in every person's differences and the beauty in the uniqueness of every woman.