Thesis Exhibitions (2022-2023) > Noah Sears

Artist Statement
This work explores what it means to be an outsider. This is not someone who is disconnected from others; however, it is living the way that Jesus has called us to, to live and be in this world but to not be of the world; to follow Him. These images demonstrate times that God has orchestrated and created moments in my life that show me what it is to be an outsider.

Outsider is a culmination of images that were taken with consideration of composition and lighting within pivotal moments. These images are powerful stories handcrafted by God demonstrating what it is to be an outsider: looking beyond myself to the father, trusting in the Lord, and never giving up.

Outsider (out-sid-er), adjective. To be in the world, but not of it; set apart. In reference to the way the Lord has called us to live. These moments are then highlighted with handmade ceramic pieces and frames. The ceramic pieces are a physical representation of how the Lord takes our lives, and through creating these important moments, He gives are lives purpose.

The Moment
Digital Photography
13" x 19"