Thesis Exhibitions (2023-2024) > Elizabeth Gibson

Artist Statement
Dragons are always shown in a fierce light- terrifying guardians, mindless territorial beasts, or mystical, all-knowing beings of infinite and ungraspable wisdom. What if they lived exactly as humans; had lives and silly fears just like our own? This story is a reimagining of the idea of an elephant fearing a mouse and shows a dragon going about his day but fearing bugs that follow him. The comic explores the idea of something so grand as a dragon, being terrified of tiny bugs, showing how even they can have human-like fears and worries. However, with just a little bravery, good friends, and a bit of persistence, even the simplest of problems can easily be blown away.

I became an artist to tell stories. I grew up around stories told of dragons and worlds of magic that whisked me off into other lives far grander than my own mundane one. This is what drove me to become an artist; I wanted to show others that same fantasy world. My hope is to give the viewer a break from a boring world and show them a glimpse of an extraordinary one. Dragons have always been close to my heart and define me as an artist. They are my mark and my signature- both literally and figuratively.