Thesis Exhibitions (2023-2024) > Matthew Diedrich

Artist Statement:
I am thou, thou art I. A phrase used to reflect upon one’s inner self. These pieces act as art therapy; a way for the artist to introspectively assess the negative emotions within. Fear and confidence are two sides of the same coin, just as the external and internal are two parts of the same person. Manifesting the internal via art is the first step to understanding emotions.

People harbor complex and messy emotions which often go unexplored. This allows them to negatively fester and infect one’s thoughts. Just like any other social problem, the first step is admitting that something is wrong. This show aims to give physical form to these emotions, forcing them out of the mind and into reality. The framed pieces are a merger between the internal and external. The constant tension is shown by fusing them together. The animations act as a way to show how these feelings can transition between each other. Anxiety never leaves, you simply learn to overcome it.