Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Hailie Rasmussen

Artist Statement

Being an introvert and trying to adapt to a new environment is never easy. Flight is chosen over fight. Your room is chosen over public spaces. And your devices are chosen over new friendships. It is easier to observe from afar rather than being within the action. Dusty the Mummy not only depicts these decisions but is a personification of the artist herself.

Dusty arrives in a new environment, excited to embark on different adventures. However, that excitement is cut short when he realizes he is not alone. Pepper the Panda and Copper the Fox have already been living in the room and have established a great friendship that intimidates Dusty. Dusty is afraid of social interaction and prefers to hide instead of interacting with them. This leads to Pepper and Copper waiting patiently to welcome Dusty into their new friendship.

This animation is based on a negative personal experience. An experience where social anxiety and fear of rejection almost became victorious. Instead of trying to forget this battle, the artist chose to make a film that is a reflection of how she embraced it.