Thesis Exhibitions (2022-2023) > Elizabeth Treadway

Artist Statement

Simplify and Refine: Creating and cultivating to heal and transform your mind.

This body of work explores how the process of making art, painting, embroidery, quilting, etc. is an act of repetition. Repetition, slowing down, and creating space to inspire joy helps in the healing process and can improve mental health. Going back to our roots, core values, truth, and choosing to focus is a continual choice to simplify our lives to bring meaning. Simplifying and refining our homes, our minds, and our faith can lead to great freedom.

This body of work includes textile pieces, painting, and a combination of the two, to draw attention to the healing that can come when one takes the time to slow down and create. Processes to create these works include sewing for quilting, hand embroidering original designs, and embroidering on top of painted canvas designs. These art pieces advocate for mental health and how to live a slow-paced lifestyle. Creating can cultivate a space for healing and growth.

Fabric, acrylic and pins on canvas
8" x 8"