Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Alison McHugh

Artist Statement

Relationships and the interactions we have with others can be an incredibly strong bond. These relationships weave in and out of our lives. In my experience, I have found that the bond between family members is the strongest. It is connection that is hard to break, like the roots of a tree. This body of work depicts my family tree, with these twisting, weaving and interlocking knots that tangle round one another and connect to each other. I chose green as my main color because it represents life and growth. For me, the knots symbolize unity and the bond that I have with my family members. I draw much of my inspiration from the Book of Kells. These pieces convey how strongly our lives are intertwined and affected by those around us, especially those we are closest to. Each individual is unique and yet shares a common strand. The connections and interactions we have with people are what we carry with us throughout our lives.