Thesis Exhibitions (2023-2024) > Emmalee Dorsey

Artist Statement
This body of work is a celebration of all of God’s creation. It explores the presence of God in nature, from the peaks of the mountains, through the grounds beneath tree covers, to the beds of rivers and valleys of life. I often find myself feeling alone in the world, staring straight ahead, and forgetting to look for all of the ways that God is all around me, and a key purpose of this show is to bring focus to His presence in my surroundings. Since these pieces are meant to glorify the relationship between creation and Creator, I wanted to not only go to and witness these beautiful places, but in turn participate in the act of creation myself by painting them. The action of translating the scene into a painting allows me to step into the process in a personal way, almost infusing parts of myself into the pieces to further connect with the beauty of the natural world and of its own divine artist. The purpose of the finished collection is to serve as a reminder that God is everywhere, and to surround the viewer with the all-encompassing beauty of the Lord.