Thesis Exhibitions (2023-2024) > Emma Williams

Artist Statement
This collection of works explores the theme of narrative identity, which acts as a way to recognize identity by sharing life stories. Narrative identity breaks life stories down into categories of autobiographical memories and narrative scripts, which combined form a more complex but cohesive life story. Each piece highlights a key moment or time in my life that was pivotal in shaping the person I have become, and who I am still becoming. These pieces explore my identity as a daughter, sister, Christian, artist, and explorer. They also express my identity as a woman within each of these roles. I use personal imagery and symbolic elements to portray multiple layers of thought in each illustration. For deeper understanding I delved into the symbolism of specific flowers through Victorian Flower Language, choosing the botanical elements surrounding each piece with thought and care. I was also intentional in choosing the compositional shapes of the pieces to further push their meanings.
My hope through this show is not only for the viewer to possibly learn something new about me through the works, but also for them to find points of connection to possibly reflect on defining moments in their own lives.

Personal Best
Graphite on Paper
10.5" x 10.5"