Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Mary Griggs

Artist Statement

Imagine your life as a timeline. Now imagine that timeline as a piece of thread, woven into a blanket with hundreds or even thousands of other pieces of thread. Your timeline, or thread, holds a specific position, as do all the others, in order to create this beautiful, complex, and unified material. Similarly, your life touches hundreds or thousands of other peoples’ lives, and your role in this world has significance. What we do in the timeline of our lives is of significant value.
This work, entitled Now, explores the idea of what we do with our time and how that makes us who we are. Each piece has between five and twelve images drawn in a line movement style, with blocked colors throughout. The idea is that our time and memories of and with people tend to overlap and blend together. Each drawing has its own layer and is unique on its own, but when you add more drawings and layers on top, the image changes completely and is affected dramatically. Each image affects the other through color, overlapping lines, movement, energy, and complexity.
This series of collaged drawings reflect people, places, and memories of the artist’s personal life and experiences. They each represent time in their own unique manner, with certain people, places, and activities. Often times, many of us don’t take advantage of the time we are given. As a result, we neglect growth, opportunities, and miss little moments that could forever impact our lives. From past, present, and future, to each passing moment of the day, this work is meant to intrigue and inspire.