Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Maci Montgomery

Artist Statement

This videogame demo and posters are more than pixels, codes, and colors. It is something I love so much that I leave a piece of myself behind in them. I am creating this story with meraki. To do something with meraki, in essence, means to put oneself wholeheartedly into your work until it becomes unmistakable yours. This comes through time, effort, and explorative introspection to understand who you are.

The game teaser itself follows a narrative introduction to help the player connect, establish themselves into the worlds setting, and display the art assets made for the game. The posters will be art and game elements that will be included into the world as the game is further developed in the future. They represent the core aspects of what meraki is and what the heart of the game is about. Similar to how I have put myself into these pieces, the future intent for the completion of this game is to invite others to put themselves into the narrative and explore their own story.