Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2020-2021) > Justin Breuker

Artist Statement

Life in Hands
This work takes a deeper look into someone’s hands, how often they are overlooked and how much personality they hold. This piece specifically focuses on my hands and what they go through on a regular day, from waking up to drinking coffee. I am making this to show the emphasis on hands and how they can be underappreciated and overlooked. This animation puts the hands directly in the focus of the viewer so there is not much else to look at other than my hands and how I use them. My artwork is drawn in a sketch-like manner. Inspired by the rough sketches of Leonardo DaVinci, I tried to replicate his style and put my own spin on it by making sketches of hands myself and animating them. I hope for the viewer to notice the nuances of their own hands and to reflect on both how that makes them unique and what mannerisms are shared between others.