Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Hope Mayo

Artist Statement

For Christians, the Bible is a constant point of reference for how to go through life. The same thing can be said about applying a biblical point of view to marriage as well. The Bible speaks much on how a Christian marriage should operate, including being a “living parable” for Jesus’s relationship with the Church. Prior to being married, the idea of a wife being the Church and a husband being Jesus was confusing and uncomfortable to process. After going through the wedding process and the first few months of marriage, this parallel makes much more sense. This is where the purpose of this series lies; to express the importance of the Bible’s definition of marriage through the lens of a newly married individual. This is executed through painting the human figure in action, depicting the daily moments shared between my husband and myself that reflect the idea of a healthy Christian marriage as well as point to a greater design for purpose in life. This body of work offers a clarifying perspective on marriage to those who aren’t married while simultaneously inducing a nostalgic feeling for married individuals as well.