Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Bekah Barbeau

Artist Statement

This collection explores design work using techniques from surrealism
but brings these pieces to life through the realist medium of photography. The contrast between buildings in common settings and images from nature such as plants creates a new unity and balance within the scene. Together, this body of work encourages and even requires that viewers embrace the use of their imagination.

Curiosity Beyond Imagination thereby celebrates artistry, curiosity, and illusion. This collection brings together photographs that have been
re-imagined and re-oriented through collage, creating entirely new
artworks in the process. Images from nature, including aquatic animals, bright and vibrant blue color palettes, and stars appear frequently. Viewers are encouraged to visualize the earth as a wondrous adventure, to question normalities and challenge them. I hope that anybody who sees my work will look upon even the most ordinary scenes from a new perspective.