Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Nicole Krusza

Artist Statement

The theme of memory is a daily reflection of life itself.
How does time progress to the current moment and what is
remembered of the past? Seeking to create from the masses of
lost memories and flashbacks, this body of work contrasts the
benefits of change and the valuable behaviors of the past that
were lost in the process. This comparison ultimately influences
the audience to reflect on themes of memory, nostalgia, and
time encapsulation as well as how they relate to their current
These works of art serve as a method of transportation
between the current world and that of the past. Mixing familiar
depictions and old design styles with modern designing
programs adds to the conceptual understanding of a former
life. The use of key phrases and written words amplify the
past's correlation within the prevailing moment, reflecting on
the focus between mental word processing and visual
representation. The incorporation of emotion from humor to
nostalgia compares and contrasts changes between new and
old generations. The similarities and juxtaposition of this
change ultimately gives insight into the present moment and
what truly matters most from the past.