Senior Thesis Exhibitions (2021-2022) > Delaney Sutton

Artist Statement

Every human being has the ability to be creative. We were designed to create. This collection of work exists to inspire and become a place for the viewer to explore what creativity looks like in their own life. The concept of this show was inspired by the way the artist often feels after seeing artwork made by others; such as leaving feeling energized and ready to take on creativity in her own life. The intention behind Artful Collective is achieved through pieces that have been inspired by moments when the artist has felt like her true self. The artist combines a variety of imagery within her pieces, such as elements of nature and moments of growth in her personal life. She hopes that these images will speak to each viewer in different ways. This body of work is a collection of pieces that not only reflect the artist’s life and personal style, but also the dreams she has for the future. The process of creating has led the artist to understand creativity in a deeper sense, allowing her vision for this show to reveal itself in many ways. This collection of work on its own does not fully communicate the intent of the show, but when it is combined with intentional placement and points of interaction with the viewer, it aims to become an encapsulating and dream provoking experience. Although the show may initially come off as merely an aesthetically pleasing showroom, the artists true goal is for the viewer to leave feeling inspired in a way that allows them to notice the beauty in their life and to then produce beauty through whatever creative pursuit they feel is true to themselves.