Alumni Exhibition Fall 2020 > Emily Alger-Gieselman

Colors of a Michigan Shore
Colors of a Michigan Shore
Colored pencil
10.5" x 12.5"

Most of us get so busy that we rarely take the time to notice the beauty around us. God’s creation is systematic, orderly, and lovely – perfect. When we take a moment to really see the world around us, it will remind us of God’s beautiful design and our place in it.

My work highlights the beauty of God’s creation; the small details that we often overlook. The range of colors He created and our ability to view them are among His greatest gifts to us. Representing the second day of creation, separation of water from dry land, these rocks are from the shore of Lake Michigan. Take notice of the variety of colors, value, and shapes. From white to black, red to violet, I hope you can see every color of the rainbow in this piece.